About Eden’s Path – Our Mission

Edens-path.com is dedicated to sharing and preserving methods used to restore or improve health, in the world around us, and in our bodies, minds and spirits. Where possible we make use of non-polluting techniques and technologies, local small farms, organic sources, and simple living.

“My physician never speaks about herbs. I’ve heard they’re old fashioned at best, dangerous at worst. So why is part of your mission to teach about them”? Answer? Even pharmaceutical drugs can be dangerous. Any TV add for pharmaceutical drugs makes that clear. But one must consider that 25% of all prescription drugs created through 1990 (and still on the market today), contain at least one phytochemical, a plant component. If you include content that is synthetic, but that is patterned after an ingredient whose origin was in plant material, the number jumps to more than 50%. Plant-based medicines are everywhere, including your drug and grocery store. In spite of enhancement techniques that alter their plant origins, 70% of all new drugs marketed in the United States in the past 25 years have their basis in plant ingredients. My favorite personal doctor (now retired), embraced and shared that understanding.

In other words, the herbs humanity has been using to maintain health for thousands of years, still work, and that knowledge is still useful to share.

At Edens-path.com events, you will learn about subjects such as herbal health methods, Reiki, solar energy and others. Workshops are open to the public.

The health methods we present are not intended to replace a health professional’s care. We work to provide an understanding of alternative, healthy approaches to living for those who attend our workshops.

Reiki I, II, and III/Master Workshops presented by Reiki Master David Clark are held in small venues in Asheville, North Carolina.

Note that classes offering CE Class credits are no longer available.